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        Get a variety of chestnuts to eat


        Get various chestnut eating methods

        Now it is the season to eat chestnuts, so how should chestnuts be eaten? In fact, there are many ways to eat chestnuts. Stewed meat, porridge, and pasta are all delicious. Friends who like to eat chestnuts may wish to try it.

        How else can you eat chestnuts?

        Chestnut yam porridge

        Ingredients: 150 grams of rice, 8-10 chestnuts, 50 grams of yam, a small amount of black fungus


        1. Remove the chestnuts and cut into small pieces for later use.

        2. Black fungus is foamed in advance, washed and shredded.

        3. Peel yam, cut into small pieces and put in cold water for later use.

        4. Wash the rice, pour it into a pot, and take in an appropriate amount of water. Pour chestnuts and cook for about 15 minutes, then pour in yam and black fungus and cook until the rice and yam are soft.

        Sweet chestnut cake

        Ingredients: 400 grams of flour, 200 grams of chestnuts, 30 grams of cooking oil, 10 grams of lard, 5 grams of yeast, 10 grams of sugar, 15 grams of black sesame, and appropriate amount of vegetable oil


        1. The chestnuts are cooked and peeled, poured into a care machine, and mixed into a powder (if there is no care machine, the chestnuts can be put into a food bag and crushed with a rolling pin).

        2. Add the yeast, water, and dough into the flour and let stand for 20 minutes.

        3. Add a small amount of salad oil or butter and sugar to the chestnut powder and knead them to make a chestnut filling.

        4. The dough is divided into 6 equal parts. Roll into a skin with a rolling pin, add some chestnut filling, knead into a bun shape, flatten the mouth downward, roll into a cake shape, and sprinkle with black sesame seeds.

        5. Join the vegetable oils / oiled in the pan and cook until it is 70% hot . Boil the cake base and bake until it is golden on both sides.

        Chestnut Mushroom

        Ingredients: dried mushrooms, chestnuts, chives, oyster sauce, water starch, raw soy sauce, sugar, vegetable oil


        1. Dried shiitake mushrooms are soaked, the chestnuts are cooked and peeled, and the shallots are cut into green onions.

        2. Heat the wok, pour the vegetable oil, add the chestnuts and shiitake mushrooms, stir-fry the water and gas, participate in the appropriate amount of soy sauce, sugar and water, boil, cover the pot, and simmer for 10 minutes with low fire.

        3. After the chestnuts are soft and the shiitake mushrooms are flavored, use water starch to simmer and sprinkle the minced shallots, then you can get out of the pot.



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